Samantha Alexander, the sister of Travis Alexander, the man brutally killed by Jodi Arias, spoke out in the beginning stages of the penalty phase, which began in an Arizona courtroom today. 

In emotional remarks, Alexander recalled her brother's "big smile" and ability to make people feel good about themselves. She recounted when she first learned of his death, her grandmother left a message on her cell phone asking her to call her. "I knew that someone had died," she said.

"Our minds are currently stained with images of our poor brother's throat slit from ear to ear," Alexander continued, overcome with emotion. She added that her family is overwhelmed with "thoughts of what Travis must have went through the day, the pain, the agony, the screams, the fears when he was brutally being taken."

"We have paid the ultimate price, losing Travis," she said. "None of us ever thought that he wouldn't be here when we needed him the most."