Students are rallying today behind Rutgers University bus driver Stan McNeil, who says he was fired for trying to pray with a wheelchair-bound passenger.

McNeil's employer, a company called First Transit, says he was terminated was for failing to properly secure a wheelchair. However, McNeil maintains it was due to his overtly religious behavior, such as speaking with students about life, and giving pep talks to them based on wisdom gleaned from his Christian faith.

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Now, more than 6,700 students have signed a petition supporting McNeil.

"He genuinely believed in us, and I think that allowed us to genuinely believe in ourselves," said student Jessica Mitchel.

Another, Gabe Sturzoiu, said, "I had a couple of experiences riding on Stan's bus and I truly believe I walked off that bus feeling better, more inspired, more motivated."

McNeil admits that he was asked by First Transit to tone down religious talk while on the job, and when he laid hands on and prayed over a wheelchair-bound student, that was the last straw for the company.

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"They said, 'We don't do that here.' And they said, 'Now, we don't want to fire you, Stan, because you're a good worker,' and they said, 'We'd like you to - it would look better on your record if you resigned.'"

As for First Transit, they told Fox News in a statement:

"We respect his religious beliefs and the many positive messages he shared with the students. ... Unfortunately, a full internal review revealed that Mr. McNeil had failed to follow a critical safety protocol that was cause immediate termination."