When revelations surfaced recently that the IRS had been potentially targeting conservative groups based on political leanings, one-time donor to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign Frank VanderSloot was likely not very surprised. He was the subject of two different audits himself  during the 2012 presidential election.

Frank VanderSloot Speaks Out on Being Targeted for Donating to a Romney Super PAC

"It's interesting, isn't it, that conservatives were being targeted?" he asked Neil Cavuto on Tuesday's Your World. Cavuto recalled having VanderSloot on the program just over a year ago, right after he'd found out that VanderSloot had been included in a list of eight individuals created by President Obama's campaign. What got him on that list, Neil said, were his "striking, conservative views"

The first audit happened eight weeks after the first list came out, VanderSloot said. He reacted to the latest news of a possible IRS scandal by saying that he hopes what he went through in 2012 is all just one big coincidence and not part of a pattern

"I don't want us to become one of these third-world countries where our back's up against the wall just because we disagree with whose in charge," he said.

Watch his full reaction, above.