New video out of Richmond, Virginia shows what's quickly turning into a tense situation for dozens of airline passengers and employees who were evacuated after officials say an unspecified and serious threat was called in on Tuesday morning.

Authorities allowed parking garages to remain open, and drivers were able to return to their cars after the facility was cleared. All outgoing flights have been grounded.

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** UPDATE, 9:25a ET ** Sergeant Thomas J. Molnar with the Richmond Police Department offered the following insight into the ongoing investigation at the Richmond International airport:

Currently federal, state and local law enforcement are on-scene of Richmond International Airport. Shortly after 6:00 a.m. June 11, personnel responded to the airport after a threat was received by phone. ;The threat was deemed serious enough to evacuate the airport terminals.

Canine units from state police, Henrico County Department of Police and City of Richmond are assisting with a search of the airport terminals and parking garages.  

The garages are clear and passengers are free to exit the airport parking garages.  However, passengers arriving will not be allowed to enter the garages.  

The FAA has also been notified.  All flights are being held with the exception of five flights that will be permitted to land and held short of the terminals.  

Passengers seeking flight information should contact their air carriers.    

For updates stay tune to local media reports.