A computer science high school teacher in the San Francisco Bay area is facing some pretty serious charges after he showed one of his classes a naked photo of himself. Richard Styner was reportedly showing his San Leandro High School class how to transfer pictures from an electronic device when the risque photo popped up.

One student described the mood in the classroom to a local reporter. "At first the reaction was that everybody was laughing because they thought it was a joke, but then when everybody realized that it was our teacher, Mr. Styner, that's when everybody got quiet because they realized it was serious."

Well, the school also thought it was serious and has placed Mr. Styner on leave. 

Below is more information on the disturbing story from our San Francisco FOX affiliate.

Alameda County prosecutors have filed child porn and burglary charges against a San Leandro High School teacher after an inappropriate photo was displayed during a class he taught.

According to court documents, Richard Styner, 45, a San Leandro resident, was teaching a computer class on April 16 at San Leandro High School, located at 2200 Bancroft Ave., and while showing students how to transfer pictures from electronic devices, he showed a naked picture of himself.

Students in the class range from 14 to 18 years old and are both males and females.

After he reported the incident to school officials as an accident, a search of his computer allegedly turned up 200 pornographic stories and disturbing photos stored in a folder on the device, according to court documents.

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