President Barack Obama touted the virtues of big government in a speech given at Ohio State University over the weekend, while warning students not to believe everything they hear about such government.

"They'll warn you that tyranny is right around the corner ... you should reject these voices," he said, "...because what they say is that our brave [...] experiment in self rule is just a sham in which we can't be trusted."

The remarks went on, leaving some critics asking: is this the appropriate venue to give such a speech? 

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell says of course it is.

"Because that's where he thinks his base is," he said. "He's going to push his agenda as far as he can, and he picked the campus because it's the safest place for him to go."

"What he wants is a stimulus big government program ... the country will not buy it."

Watch the full segment between Caddell and Monica Crowley from today's Your World above.

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