On the same day that Congress set about trying to fix the budget impasse, President Obama showed off his own skills. That is, his skills on the green.

In what was some good news for the president's golf game, he reportedly set a new personal best during his outing. And that's not the only precedent he set with the game - it marked his 35th round in 2013, meaning he's played more golf this year than in any past year. (Last year he played a total of 19 rounds, with 34 in 2011, and 30 in 2010.) 

On Fox and Friends this morning, an incredulous Brian Kilmeade went off on the president's decision to golf in the midst of the budget battle and then-looming shutdown.

"This is a crisis ... why would you even want to golf? Every inkling for me would be, 'let's roll our sleeves up and make this work!'" he said.

"Maybe he was actually sending a message ... 'this is so off the table, I'm going golfing,'" Hasselbeck suggested. 

Well, if that's the case ... message received?