Santa Monica police confirm that there is a shooter down on the campus of Santa Monica College. Preliminary reports allege gunshots were fired on the campus, and Fox News confirms that at least three people were injured in the shooting.

UPDATE, 3:46p ET: A law enforcement official said police responded to the incident after numerous witnesses called to report a man on a street corner shooting at cars.

UPDATE, 3:53p ET: Shepard Smith reports that according to witnesses, the shots were fired in the school’s library. Officials confirm that there are multiple victims on campus. Minutes later, a second shooting was reported a few blocks east of the school’s campus. The victim there was shot and found in a vehicle.

UPDATE, 4:00p ET:An eyewitness at the scene of the Santa Monica shooting described the chaos that ensued after gunshots rang out. Click here for more details, and watch the interview below:

UPDATE, 4:10p ET: Another eyewitness talked just moments ago about hearing what sounded like a bomb going off as a shooter fired near the Santa Monica campus, telling a reporter that he tried to keep students calm as they panicked.

UPDATE, 7:45p ET: Santa Monica police say that as many as six people are dead after a series of shootings in Santa Monica. A gunman's rampage culminated on the campus of Santa Monica College. The gunman was shot and killed, and another person of interest is in custody. Get more info here.



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