In a press conference held Friday morning, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was joined by Detroit's Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr reacting to the city becoming the largest in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy.

Orr tried to quell fears of residents following the news, saying in his remarks that "as far as things are concerced for the provision of services ... it is business in the ordinary course."

Bills would get paid and paychecks would get made, he said, adding that, "nothing changes from the standpoint of the ordinary citizen's perspective."

The city has racked up $18.5 billion in debt, with only $1 billion in revenue. But still, the tragic turn taken by the once booming city has reminded the nation of its golden days as the heartbeat of the automotive fever during the 1950s.

Check out some photos that recall "The Motor City" as it was during its hay day - something its residents hope it will be able to return to.