Our very own Greta Van Susteren is live on the ground in Cleveland, Ohio, where news has been breaking constantly since three women held captive for nearly a decade in the basement of an area house were found and released late Monday night. Greta shared some all-access photos she's snagged since she landed in Ohio earlier this afternoon.

Tonight, On the Record will be live from Cleveland with insight from Tito DeJesus, the bandmate of suspected captor Ariel Castro, and Jannette Gomez, the neighbor of Castro. (CLICK HERE TO SEE GRETA'S REPORT FROM 2004)

Today on The Five, Greta reported at the scene of the house where the FBI is currently combing for evidence. Watch the video below to see what she uncovered.  

BELOW: Burger King where Amanda Berry worked before vanishing in 2003.


BELOW: Media in front of the house where the young girls were held:

BELOW: Police and barricades on street of house:

Greta visited the three separate scenes where Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were allegedly abducted in broad daylight.

“It looks like any street in America and it looks perfectly safe,” Greta said on The Five. “I would never feel the least bit at risk walking down the street and yet, three women were picked up and held for almost 10 years.”

After speaking with neighbors in the area, Greta doesn’t believe that anyone besides the three women lived at the house. Check out her full report: