A mother in Texas says the U.S. is on the verge of being the "first" ... but not of anything warranting. Petti McClellan claims convicted killer Genene Jones, known as the "Angel of Death," will be the first U.S. serial killer set free, and the only way to keep her behind bars is to get a court to convict her of other crimes.

Jones has been locked up since 1985, when she was found guilty of killing 15-month-old Chelsea McClellan through lethal injections. Jones, who worked as a nurse, could have used the same tactic to kill up to 50 newborns, her co-workers say. 

Despite receiving a 99-year prison sentence, however, Jones will soon be sent home unless she's found guilty of other crimes.

"Unless we find another case, she will walk out," McClellan said. "It's a definite thing that's going to happen [...] We've got to be able by some miracle to find a way to stop this, because I just fear knowing her as I did, that she'll do this again."

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