The defense team's arguments were delayed today in the case against Dr. Kermit Gosnell. However, a new documentary obtained by Fox News sheds light on conditions at Gosnell's clinic through the eyes of those who saw them first-hand.

Former patient Davida Clarke described clinic conditions in the film, saying that on the day she went in for her procedure, she saw "women who looked half-dead" and could see "blood all over the floor."

Clarke alleges that once a heart monitor was placed on her stomach and she heard her baby's heartbeat prior to the procedure, she tried to back out. She alleges that Gosnell then berated her; she was tied down and drugged. When she awoke, Clarke says she was no longer pregnant.

The documentary is entitled "3801 Lancaster," the address of the clinic in which neighbors report having seen female patients stumble out of the clinic heavily drugged and unable to walk on their own.

Gosnell's defense attorney, who called in to court sick today, claims the babies Gosnell aborted were not born alive, despite allegations by people claiming they saw movements from many of the fetuses.