The daughter of a patient of a Michigan doctor who is now behind bars for perpetrating billions of dollars in Medicare fraud spoke out on Fox and Friends Tuesday morning, saying that she hopes what happened to her father never happens to anyone again. 

Horrifying Claims Against Cancer Doctor Accused of $35M in Medicare Fraud

Dr. Farid Fata, an oncologist in the Detroit area, stands accused of a massive fraud scheme that included providing chemotherapy to cancer-free patients, as well as prolonging treatment for patients who didn't need it in the first place. Barbara Laboisonniere says her father Sydney was among those patients and received unnecessary rounds of chemotherapy that did nothing to prolong his life ... and instead, did quite the opposite.

"My father, who was a decorated WWII veteran, at the age of 87 was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that had metastasized​ and spread to his liver." 

He was given four to six months, and doctors told him to enjoy his remaining time with his family. Dr. Fata, however, recommended chemotherapy as a "good option," promising Sydney 12 months of life instead of four to six. and Sydney was taken into his care.

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Laboissonniere says that Dr. Fata prescribed aggressive rounds of chemotherapy that were continuous with only two-week breaks in between. But her father trusted the doctor until the end, dying after agreeing to an experimental treatment.

Sydney's family felt like they were alone and isolated with their suspicions after their father's death.

"When my father first died, the way he died was very unnecessary and very traumatic for our family," said Laboissonniere. "We tried to put that to rest, but when the story broke last week, it opened the wound all over again. At the time, we thought that we were alone crying in the desert."

Watch the heartbreaking interview.