Nearly one year after an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, the mother of one of the victims is still looking for the answers she says she was promised by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself.

Pat Smith has been outspoken in demanding answers after her son, Sean Smith, lost his life in the terrorist attack, and now she's making strong statements about her belief that the issue is being swept under the rug so that Clinton can run for president in 2016. 

In a recent interview, Smith told a local affiliate reporter that she feels like "Hillary doesn't give a damn" about her. She explained the remark to Fox and Friends' Steve Doocy on Thursday morning.

"All she cares about is her own self. She promised me face to face," Smith said, "that she would check on this and call me back, because I said I wanted to know what happened."

But Smith said the response never came. 

"Hillary never called back ... and she lied to my face, and I want the whole world to know that she lied to my face! And you don't want this person to be president."