An Ohio couple married for 65 years died on the same day earlier this month ... and the timing is no coincidence, according to their loved ones. The grandson of the couple say the family credits their faith in God for the “shocking” timing.

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Jeff Simon, 20, shared his grandparents' love story on Fox and Friends this morning, saying that Ruth, 89, and Harold “Doc” Knapke, 91, met in the third grade and were rarely seen without the other, dying just hours apart on August 11.

"They knew each other their whole lives and were devout Catholics their whole lives ...and I think their relationship with God really strengthened their own relationship, and you really saw it until the end," Simon said.

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Both Doc and Ruth's health had gone downhill within the last year, Simon said, but especially his grandfather's who had grown tired and weak, sleeping for almost 20 hours every day toward the end. The family continued wondering why Doc was holding on for so long, but then the week before he died, they got their answer.

Simon says his grandmother came down with a severe infection early in August, at which point the family told Doc that his wife was "going to go," advising him to "let go" of her as well. Doc became very calm, and shortly after, passed away at 7:30 a.m. on August 11. That same night, his grandmother passed away.

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The family says there's no doubt in their minds that the only reason Doc held on so long was because of Ruth.  

A dual funeral was held for the couple, with the granddaughters carrying up their grandmother's casket and the grandsons carrying up their grandfather's.  

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