On this morning's Fox and Friends, Brian Kilmeade got a much-coveted look at what really goes on behind the scenes at the NYPD Command Center in Manhattan. And he got the tour from no other than the police commissioner himself, Ray Kelly.

In a room complete with a wall of TV monitors, Kelly told Kilmeade that most of the screens show a slew of views from around Manhattan ... however, the line isn't drawn there. Many of the cameras used to survey areas in and around the city are smart cameras, meaning law enforcement personnel are able to go through footage and put descriptions in at a moment's notice about a particular place and/or time.

Kilmeade pointed out that Kelly may be a "guy who's in his 70s," but he prides himself on being in the know with the latest technology. Kelly acknowledged the fact, saying that such technology is a force multiplier" that allows the NYPD to "fill in the gaps" caused by the fact that the force has 6,000 fewer police officers than it did 11 years ago.

Kelly reflected on his role as commissioner in 1993 during the first World Trade Center attack. "I think that should have been a huge wake up call for all of us," he said. "It really wasn't."