Fox News host Eric Bolling shared the contents of a letter sent by NSA leaker Edward Snowden's father to Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice. In the letter, Lon Snowden says his 29-year-old son might return voluntarily, to the United States, but only if certain conditions are met.

Some of those requests include that Ed Snowden would not be imprisoned prior to a trial, that he wouldn't be subjected to a gag order, and that he could choose what venue to be tried in.

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Bolling told Happening Now's Jon Scott that he received a copy of the letter from the source who had originally introduced him to the elder Snowden. The correspondence was delivered to Holder on Thursday; Bolling said he'd reached out to the DOJ for a response, but hasn't received anything yet. He's hoping to speak with Lon Snowden Friday afternoon.

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