After it was revealed that for the past decade, NSA employees have used the government apparatus to spy on potential love interests, Bret Baier and Twitter users alike are reacting!

On Fox and Friends this morning, Baier said that this is just another example of overreach that will cause both parties to "speak out strongly."

"Every day we see another one of these stories that opens people's eyes about the extent to which the government could, if it wanted to, get into your personal life and see things about you that perhaps you don't want people to see," he said.  

On Twitter, Fox and Friends asked viewers to weigh in on different pickup lines that could go viral now that the NSA is apparently involved all things amorous.

Some hilarious examples? "Hey baby, you must be from Google, because you're exactly what I've been searching for." Or, how about this one: "Roses are red, violets are blue, your pin number is 6852."

Have any of your own? Comment below.