New details continue to stream in about Ariel Castro, one of the men charged with - along with his two brothers, pictured - holding captive three females for a decade. We're currently awaiting the initial court appearance by the Castro brothers.

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Insight into Ariel Castro by neighbors reveals that the house in question was almost always dark, especially at night. Although differing reports by some suggest that Castro was rarely at the home, others say he frequented the location and played with his dog in the yard and worked on his cars and motorcycles.

Neighbors also say they'd seen Castro take a young girl, believed to be kidnapped Amanda Berry's daughter, to the playground.

Robert Osario, a cousin to Gina DeJesus - one of the women held captive - says the suspect made appearances at memorials for DeJesus over the years. "If I can recall, I've seen him twice," he told reporters. "I'm mad. I'm mad right now ... He was more like a step ahead of us through this whole process. But we got him."

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On today's America Live, Megyn Kelly said it's not unusual for kidnappers to attend memorials of their victims.

Trace Gallagher also shared more details on the three related suspects, confirming reports that Ariel lived inside the house and had owned it since 1992. He reportedly held the three females in the basement of the home, which was approximately 470 square feet. The house, however, is currently in foreclosure due to unpaid back taxes.

In 1993, Castro was arrested for violence and disorderly conduct and police say he had been stopped for traffic violations many times over the years.

A daughter of Ariel Castro was sentenced to 25 years in prison after attempting to kill her baby by slitting its throat. The baby survived. 

On May 2, Ariel wrote on his Facebook page, "Miracles really do happen. God is good."