NBA star Jason Collins made what most are calling a brave move earlier this week when he came out and announced that he is gay. However, on today's Your World, host Neil Cavuto questioned whether or not he and those terming the announcement as "brave" may have a different definition of the word.

"With all that is going on these days, I don't know if I'd loosely assign that 'brave' term to an athlete coming out," he said. "Like many of you ... I believe strongly that gay or straight, we should all be happy. But we should all also have some perspective."

Cavuto cited emergency workers who dove into the chaos in Boston after the bombings and firefighters who ran into a burning building in West, Texas as those who deserve the recognition and adornment of the word, "but an athlete ... revealing his sexual preference to the world? Hardly."

He also railed against news outlets "ostracizing other stories" to cover the Collins revelation, saying, "We've still got that nut in North Korea with a bomb ... and I don't know anything about his sexual leanings, I just know he leans crazy."