The mystery of the so-called "angel priest" who showed up at a crash scene in Missouri has now been solved. 


Father Patrick Dowling has been identified as the man who witnesses say appeared seemingly from nowhere at the scene of the horrific car accident, prayed with 19-year-old Katie Lentz as she lay trapped inside the car, and mysteriously disappeared as rescue workers worked to free her.

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Dowling says he was traveling between mass assignments in his diocese of Jefferson City when he got out of his car because of something he says he couldn't put his finger on.

"If you have faith, you stop [...] that is the only explanation I have," he said. "I didn't hide, and I just stood there, waiting, praying for Almighty God to intervene ... because there was something exceptional there in the matter of her rescue."

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The teen victim - whose car was hit by a drunk driver identified as 26-year-old Aaron Smith - had hoped to be able to thank the priest for his act of faith, and now it appears she may have the chance. According to reports, she continues to recover.

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