On Monday, President Obama will award Army Staff Sgt. Ty Carter with the highest military honor possible for his heroic actions on a battlefield in Afghanistan. Carter will receive the Medal of Honor for those actions, which include carrying his wounded comrade Spc. Stephan Mace out of the line of fire.

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Mace later passed away in surgery, but the courage and loyalty Carter showed in Mace's final moments is something for which the fallen soldier's family says they can't begin to express their gratitude. 

Mace's mother, Vanessa Adelson, joined Fox and Friends ahead of today's ceremony, telling Brian Kilmeade that she feels "absolute pride" in Carter's heroism.

"[I'm] just so grateful that Ty is receiving the recognition that he so deserves today," she said, adding that still, it "of course brings sadness back to me" for bringing back the painful reminder of what she lost.

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However, Adelson says she's not afraid of hearing the details of the battle during the ceremony, because as a part of her grieving process she knows it will help her to understand what happened during her son's final moments - something she believes will make her feel closer to him and his memory.

Adelson also remarked on the "immense guilt" carried by the soldiers who survived that deadly attack - one she described as taking place after a group of nearly 400 Taliban attacked the Stephan and Ty's small outpost of about 50 soldiers; eight of the soldiers died in the battle that ensued.  She says that guilt has prevented her from speaking frequently to Staff Sgt. Carter.

"The soldiers obviously, although they shouldn't, carry a lot of guilt ... a lot of them have a difficult time speaking to relatives of the fallen, because they just have that guilt," she said.

She added that Ty "suffered from PTSD terribly," and she only wanted him to speak to her once he was in a place where he was comfortable doing so.

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"I wanted to respect that he needed to go through this grieving process," she said. Lately, they've been speaking more, and she says Ty is doing great. 

"When we speak, I just let him know that [I'm grateful] ... 'grateful' is such a simple word to be able to use ... I don't think anything in the English dictionary could describe my feelings for what he did for Stephan that day."

Tune in to Fox News for full coverage of the ceremony.