The most recent contestant to be crowned Miss America, 24-year-old Nina Davuluri, joined Fox and Friends on Wednesday to react to the social media backlash that followed her win and talk about the walls she's hoping her new status will be able to break down.

Davuluri is the second consecutive New Yorker to win the title, but the first woman of Indian descent, and her ethnicity immediately heated up Twitter after the pageant's end.

"It was an unfortunate experience, but for one negative comment, there were dozens of ... positive remarks and support," she told Steve, Brian and Elisabeth, saying that comments targeted not only her race, but also her religion. "A lot of that stemmed from ignorance, and that's why my platform is so timely right now," she said.

Overall, Davuluri claims the experience has been "amazing" and "so positive."

"I have always viewed Miss America as the girl next door, but for me the girl next door's evolving as diversity in America evolves ... [and] to finally be that new face of this organization and to reach out to younger demographics and let them know that they can truly become anything they want, regardless of their race, their socio-economic status, their religion - I'm living my American dream right now."

And for all you self-described "nerds" out there, you're in good company. Davuluri says she can't deny being a nerd at heart, proclaiming a love for Stars Wars, Star Trek and the like.

"I love that stuff! ... I don't think that I'm the first Miss America to be a nerd."