Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder joined Bret Baier on Special Report Thursday evening to react to Detroit announcing that it would file for bankruptcy. Snyder was tasked with making the final decision on the filing, done by a city that has spent an average of $100 million more than it has taken in every year since 2008 ... and has borrowed the rest.

"There were no other viable options," Snyder said. "I view this as an opportunity to say, 'let's stop the decline.'"

The decline that Snyder speaks of has drastically impacted the city, and according to Snyder has resulted in "services that are not good nor appropriate for the wonderful people of Detroit." Such deficiencies include response times for police that average in Detroit at around 58 min. The national average is 11 minutes.

"I respect the people of Detroit," said Snyder, "and they deserve a better answer."

The governor added that such a filing can be a "basis for comeback, and that's what I expect to see in Detroit."