Minnesota Congresswoman and former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has been an outspoken critic of President Barack Obama's health care plan, and now she's saying that the recent string of scandals seen by the administration will only serve to bolster her argument for repeal.

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"The best thing the president could do for himself is to direct everyone within his administration, beginning with in the White House, to fully cooperate with the congressional committees," she said, referring to the revelation of the IRS targeting conservative groups, the DOJ seizing AP phone records and leaked emails potentially showing cover-up after the Benghazi attack

"There's this freaky coincidence across federal agency lines, [where] decision after decision after decision was somehow coincidentally made that would further and help the president's re-election chances last fall," said Bachmann, adding that such decisions thereby rewarded political allies while simultaneously punished opponents. Coincidence? Maybe, she said, but we need answers.

In light of the IRS' apparent use of information detailing individuals' and groups' political leanings, Bachmann said that while "a week ago, people would have been incredulous if we'd asked questions about whether the IRS could use information against us," it's now a reasonable path of questioning. What would the federal government do if granted access to all of our health care data? Bachmann claims we shouldn't find out, adding that if things continue moving in the direction she sees them moving, a political shift in Congress could make a repeal possible.

"The tables have changed within the last week on Obamacare," said Bachmann. "The 2014 elections could be very different." Bachmann believes we could see a Republican-controlled Senate. "I believe that if the Senate flips, we will see a repeal through the Senate. I think [Obama] may have to repeal in a historical situation his signature piece of legislation..."