When Martha MacCallum shared her reaction this morning to an op-ed she read recently on what's being termed the nation's "hookup culture." In the article, MacCallum said a female college student talked about how the routine of drinking and having sex, then pretending you don't know each other, was getting her down, adding that she thought it would be nice if 'you could at least acknowledge each other' on campus the next day.

Questioning the root of this new trend and what it means for our society in the big-picture, MacCallum took it upon herself to find out ... by going to the source. College.

One male student sitting with a group of his guy friends said, laughing, "Most of my female friends I have hooked up with or tried to."

And forget going on "dates." In the hook-up culture, getting to know each other means getting it on ... and without the promise of any follow-up.

"The next morning you wake up, see what she looks like, and then maybe she gets your number," said another male student.

Sigh. Is chivalry dead? Watch the full segment and let us know what you think!