United Nations nominee Samantha Power fielded some blunt questions from Florida Senator Marco Rubio during a hearing on Capitol Hill in which the lawmaker asked about controversial remarks Power made in the past accusing the United States of committing crimes overseas. The exchange proceeded to turn uncomfortable very quickly, as Power refused to answer the questions directly.

"'I would categorize the Rwanda situation as a crime,' the words you used, 'permitted by the United States.'" Rubio began, quoting Power. "Which ones did the U.S. commit or sponsor that you were referring to?"

"Again sir, I think this is the greatest country on Earth," Power responded. "We have nothing to apologize for."

Rubio wasn't placated with the nebulous reply, pressing her to explain further, saying, "So, you don't have any in mind now..."

"I will not apologize for America. I will stand very proudly, if confirmed, behind the U.S. placard," said Power.

Just when it appears the exchange may be over ... think again. Rubio trudges onward. "I understand," he says, "but do you think the U.S. has sponsored crimes...?"

"I believe the U.S. is the greatest country on earth," Power reiterates.

And it continued cyclically from there. But, you get the picture. 

Monica Crowley reacted to the overarching backlash the nominee is receiving from Rubio and like-minded lawmakers, who, like Crowley, say Power has a "long record of saying the exact opposite" of the sentiments expressed in Wednesday's hearing.

She "has accused the U.S. of committing war crimes," Crowley contended, as well as of helping to commit genocide, even comparing America to Nazi Germany.

Watch the clip from today's America Live, above.