In an exclusive interview with Lonnie Snowden, the father of NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Fox News' Eric Bolling found out what his message would be for his son - wherever in the world he may be. He also got some insight on the background of the 29-year-old Snowden, a man who is now on the run after revealing NSA overreach in which the agency compiled information on the communications of millions of American citizens. 

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"I'm here because I'm really concerned about the misinformation in the media," Lon Snowden told Bolling. "He is a sensitive, caring young man. But this is the Ed that I know. (holding picture) You know, the same eyes or -- it's the same Ed. He [is] a deep thinker."


When asked what, exactly, he believes has been misconstrued, he said, "Every place you read is 'high school dropout, high school dropout, high school dropout' ... The fact is, is that Ed had an illness at the beginning of his sophomore year when his mother and I were going through a divorce ... they believed that it was mono. I believe it was diagnosed as mono, but he missed approximately four or five months of school. So, he was gonna fall behind. And he asked if he could try to test into a program at the local community college ... And, you know, there was some disagreement on whether he should do that. The bottom line is he did, and he completed his high school equivalency in advance of when he would have graduated from high school, and then continued taking college courses."

UPDATE: Here's another clip from the exclusive interview, in which he talks directly to his son, asking him to come home and not release any more information.

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