Country music superstar Brad Paisley's duet with rapper LL Cool J, entitled "Accidental Racist," is heating up the web this week ... but not necessarily in quite the way the entertainers anticipated. 

Both men said they recorded the song originally because they wanted to spark discussion, and while some people are praising it, most are attacking the collaboration.

On today's America Live, Trace Gallagher played some snippets from the song, and recited lyrics, including one excerpt in which LL Cool J raps, "R-I-P Robert E. Lee, but I've got to thank Abraham Lincoln for freeing me (know what I mean)..."

Another excerpt finds Paisley singing, "Our generation didn't start this nation ... and we're still paying for mistakes ... that a bunch of folks made long before we came ... and caught between Southern pride and Southern blame."

On Good Morning America, Paisley and Cool J discussed the outpouring of criticism they're receiving. Cool J expressed understanding "for people taking exception to some of the lyrics." 

"I respect that; I'm sensitive to that," he said. 

"Sure," Paisley added, "but in the end, I felt like what we had on tape is something that people needed to hear."