In a jam-packed Kelly's Court on Thursday's America Live, Megyn Kelly looked at the bewildering testimony of the star witness in the prosecution's case against George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin murder trial. 

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In testimony for the prosecution, as well as the defense, 19-year-old Rachel Jeantel told the jury that Martin said in a phone call that night that the man following him 'looked like a creepy-a** cracker.' 

Faith Jenkins former prosecutor, told Megyn that that testimony in particular is probably 'the biggest coup for the defense.'  

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"Now they can say, well look at Trayvon Martin's state of mind," allowing them to assert that he had "some kind of ill will" that made him initiate an attack on Zimmerman. 

Jenkins also contended, however, that Jeantel isn't exactly the "best witness."  

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Attorney Jonna Spilbor went a step further, saying of Jeantel: "I think she came across as brutally ignorant ... and I think she's going to aggravate the jury ... every time she opens her mouth, her credibility gets chipped away and chipped away," Spilbor said. "The prosecution has lost points," she said, for putting her on the stand.

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Jenkins fired back, saying that "just because [a witness] can't articulate [very well] ... [doesn't mean] that they're lying automatically."

Watch this heated two-part Kelly's Court. Part 1 is above, part 2 is below:

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