A robbery at a Fort Worth, Texas, McDonald's could have been the scene of a deadly mass shooting, authorities say ... save for some quick-thinking patrons and perhaps some "divine intervention."

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Davage Armstrong witnessed the whole thing, telling reporters that the suspect, Jestin Joseph, entered the establishment waving a gun in the air before beginning to repeatedly pull the trigger. No bullets came out, however, and Joseph reloaded the gun, firing with a new magazine. Still, no shots were fired.

When Joseph finally retreated from the restaurant, however, surveillance video shows him walking through the parking lot and shooting his gun ... except this time, the gun discharged. 

Armstrong attributes it to being an act of God.

"Somebody was looking over me,"  he said. "I was just waiting for bullets to come through the door."

In a prison interview with the Boston FOX affiliate, Joseph said he wasn't going to kill anyone and that he believed people were "after him."

"People were really after me ... I'm not losing my mind."