There wasn't a dry eye on the Fox News Insider team when the video of 7-year-old brain cancer patient Jack Hoffman running a 69-yard touchdown at a Nebraska Huskers game came across our desks. Soon after that inspirational moment, Jack became a bit of a celeb in his own right, even getting his own trading card to commemorate the special day. He signed a few of them, auctioning one of them off on e-Bay in order to raise money for pediatric brain cancer research. The winning bid was for around $6,100 ... but the person who placed it had no intention of paying.

But a shameful act that could have made the youngster's altruistic efforts go south instead turned into a happy ending - times three!​ Andy Hoffman, his father, and actor James Denton (yes, the one from Wisteria Lane), one of the buyers, reacted to the story on Happening Now.