After an intense standoff with law enforcement, the second and only living suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing was found in Watertown, Mass. on Friday night.  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, had been hiding in a boat stored outside a home on Franklin Street, where a homeowner discovered his whereabouts and alerted authorities.

The stepson of the homeowner, Robert Duffy, talked with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren, speaking on behalf of the family.

"...There was a period of time when we didn't know exactly what was happening," Duffy said, remarking on how he and his family watched initial news reports and saw his mother's home surrounded by police.

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"Horror swept through me," he said. "I broke down crying. We tried to call ... the phone was busy for almost thirty straight minutes."


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Once the "shelter" ban was lifted, Duffy's mother and step-dad went out into the backyard on "a beautiful Boston day after a long winter." His step-father then went over to his boat for a closer look and found a strap that had been [deliberately cut]. That was when the homeowner reportedly saw a small amount of blood pooled by the boat.

When he lifted the tarp on the boat, he saw what he believed to be a crumpled, bloodied body. He panicked ... and called 911. 

"They are safe; that's the most important thing. It's a shame that it had to unfurl in the backyard of my parents, but nobody plans this," Duffy said of the chaos.

Duffy didn't know whether or not his step-father had any type of communication with Tsarnaev, but "knowing him well," Duffy believes "he probably peeked his head up into his boat, his beloved prize other than my mom ... and it was probably 1,2, 3, ... he knew what was going on."

Below is a picture of the boat after the police shootout: