When Army Spc. Larry Shaffer said goodbye to his wife, Misty, before his year-long deployment in Afghanistan, he had no way of knowing that when he returned he would be the recipient of a major surprise. Misty welcomed him home recently a whopping 150 pounds lighter. She decided to take the time during Larry's deployment to do something that led to healthy changes for both her and her family.

"It's always been a goal to lose weight," she said, "because I've struggled with [it] throughout my life."

Misty said she followed through with shedding the pounds for both lifestyle and surprise factors, but admits those aren't the only reasons she was successful in her slim-down. 

"It was easier to lose it when he wasn't here because he likes his ice cream a lot!"

By sending Larry photos that only showed her body above the shoulders, the Army Spc. Shaffer said he could tell his wife was losing weight, but couldn't be sure how much.

"I was amazed. At first I didn't know who she was. I was like, okay, where's the rest of my wife that I left a year ago?"