Anyone wondering if losing fat gets harder as you age, we can save you the suspense - it does. Jenna Bergen, fitness editor of Prevention Magazine, stopped by Happening Now to dole out the disheartening news (thanks a lot, Jenna) about the business of burning fat post-40th birthday. There is a silver lining, however, other than your graying hair. You can have an active role in turning that fact to fiction ... or, at least a more slowly-realized fact.

Once we hit age 30, we lose about a half pound of muscle each year, Bergen said, and by 50, that doubles.

But a major component of keeping the muscle is eating protein! "Dieting isn't the answer," said Bergen, because you're often times cutting down the good calories along with the bad.

If it's building muscle you're interested in, not just retaining, do resistance training ...and (again) eat protein right after your workout! And no, Jon Scott, bacon won't work as a lean protein substitute. Bergen explains why.