A Hofstra University student, 21-year-old Andrea Rebello​, was killed in a hostage standoff at her off-campus house over the weekend. Rebello was at home with her twin sister and two roommates when 30-year-old career criminal Dalton Smith walked in and told the roommates that they had eight minutes to get cash out of an ATM, or he'd kill Rebello.

When the female roommate left, she called 911. Police arrived on the scene soon after, at which point Rebello's twin fled the house and the other male roommate hid. Smith grabbed Rebello in a headlock and pointed the gun at her head. When police entered, one officer fired eight shots at the suspect, seven of them hitting Smith and one hitting Rebello. Both were killed.

One officer's back-and-forth with the dispatcher can be heard in chilling audio in the clip above. The policeman who fired the lethal shot is said to be a 20-year veteran and is reportedly completely "devastated." He's on leave after the incident, which occurred on Friday.

A moment of silence was observed at the school today where Rebello was a junior studying public relations.