Well folks, we really hope you caught this morning's Fox and Friends ... for a slew of reasons, one of them being the above video. After becoming enamored with the video that recently went viral of a man donning superhero clothes "flying" next to the window of a moving car, the F&F crew decided the most reasonable next step would be to recreate that video ... and in so doing, make Brian Kilmeade's dreams of being Superman come true.

Hotel 'Babes' Fired for Gaining Weight?!

With a little directing help from Royal Pains star Mark Feuerstein, the feat was accomplished, with Alisyn Camerota playing the role of driver. Steve Doocy also co-directed.

UM, WHAT? Chunk of Sun Headed Toward Earth at 2 Million Miles Per Hour

Watch the hilarious video above. And guys? Nicely done - we'll see you at the Oscars. 

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