The dramatic 911 call has finally been released from a shooting that took place earlier this week at an Atlanta-area elementary school, and it's shedding light on the acts of that school's bookkeeper that can only be described with one word: heroic.

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Antoinette Tuff would later tell an emergency dispatcher through tears that she'd "never been so scared in her whole life," but you wouldn't have known it listening to clips from what was a 25 minute 911 call as she essentially played the role of hostage negotiator, ultimately talking shooter Michael Brandon Hill off the ledge and into surrender.

Hill entered Ronald E McNair Discover Learning Academy in Decatur, Ga. with 500 rounds of ammunition - enough to kill over half of the students attending the school. But once Tuff came face to face with Hill, she somehow mustered the bravery and, miraculously, the empathy that most of us can't imagine. 

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Tuff entered into a conversation with the gunman after Hill admitted he was mentally unstable and didn't want to hurt anyone; the bookkeeper appealed to him on a human level, telling him of her own struggles, saying that she'd just divorced her husband of 33 years.

At one point, after convincing Hill to surrender to police Tuff can be heard telling the shooter, "It's gonna be alright, sweetie. I just want you to know that I love you though, okay? And I'm proud of you and it's a good thing that you're just giving up and don't worry about it. We all go through something in life. No you don't want that. You're gonna be okay."

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Hear the unbelievable audio in the clip above.