Experts say they may now know the origin of gold and platinum ... and it all began with a bang. New information suggests that when rare neutron-star collisions occur, the product? Gold.

Is the Gold Rush Moving Into Outer Space!?

Corey Powell, the editor of Discover Magazine, told Bill Hemmer that for years, scientists have not been able to fully explain the process that made the sought-after item, but now answers may be emerging. 

"[The neutron-star collision] is the weirdest, most extreme kind of stellar collision you can have in the universe," Powell said, adding that after they smack into each other, radioactive material flies out ... along with millions and millions of tons of gold.

Powell cautions that it's vital to understand that the gold we find on Earth was created billions of years ago, "before there was an earth or a sun."

"We're the legacy of these explosions," he said.

Get more fascinating info in the segment above ... and try to wrap your head around it. We still haven't quite been able to! 

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