The artwork being featured on the walls of one school in Newton County, Georgia is drawing a lot of controversy, with crayon-colored pictures reading "God Is Dead" lining bulletin boards. 

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The school says the reason for the drawings is simple: it's all connected to the Arthur Miller play entitled 'The Crucible,' being taught in the school. 

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Some of the parents of students in the school don't see it that way, however, and are calling for the pictures to be removed.

"It just seems to me that if the school is going to say, 'we do not have religion in school' [...] and if you're not going to teach God and you're not going to teach the good of God, then I don't think you should be plastering 'god is dead' and 'Satan lives,'" said Scottie Spence, the step-father of one of the students attending the high school. 

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What do you think? Should the drawings be allowed, or removed?