Retiring principal Roger Broddie dedicated 36 years to his profession, and he got a send-off worthy of such a lifetime of service when his students at Hingham Middle School in Massachusetts surprised him by performing a flash mob.

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On this morning's Fox and Friends, he told Gretchen Carlson how he was tricked into believing he was giving a video tour of a new construction site next door, during which he was led to the roof of the site so he could watch the emotional tribute from over 1,000 students and staff members from above.

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"I like to think of myself as a big tough guy, but you know, when you see the emotions and outpouring of ...  appreciation from over 1,000 students and staff members, that hits somebody hard. And it certainly hit me hard."

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The massive group danced to Journey's classic pop-rock hit "Don't Stop Believing," a song that Broddie said resonated with him ... and as it turns out, with the students as well.

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"When I'm addressing them, I always talk about how I believe in them and how I believe they're the future of our country ... so they picked up on that," he said. "Sometimes you think, 'hey, they're not listening' ... but they were listening."

Watch the emotional video and interview above.