Former Vice President Dick Cheney discussed the crisis in Ukraine on “Hannity” tonight.

He said the country has a wide range of options for dealing with Russia, like economic sanctions, destroying demand for the country’s energy products, and reversing the decline that President Obama is imposing on the Defense Department.

Cheney said he thinks allies near Ukraine are very concerned.

“Tomorrow, if Putin is successful in the Crimea, who’s to say he won’t decide to tell the folks up in Lithuania or Latvia or Estonia that he wants part of their territory because it’s got Russians on it,” Cheney said.

The former vice president said the world views the Obama administration as one that doesn’t keep its commitments.

“He simply hasn’t backed up his bold rhetoric,” he said of Obama.

Hannity also asked Cheney if he thinks terrorism played a role in the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, but Cheney said he is reluctant to draw conclusions based on the little evidence available.

Watch the full interview above.

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