The manhunt continues for the man believed to have killed San Diego mom Christina Anderson and to have kidnapped her two children, 16-year-old Hannah and 8-year-old Ethan. 

Husband and father Brett Anderson spoke one-on-one with Fox and Friends' Gretchen Carlson this morning, saying that the events of the last few days seem "surreal."

"There are 100 different scenarios that have gone through my head of what happened, and none of them makes any sense. All I know is that he killed my wife, most likely my son - we're still waiting on the DNA test - and he took my daughter. And it's surreal right now," he said.

Police suspect 40-year-old James DiMaggio burned down Anderson's home before taking his children and escaping in his 2013 blue Nissan Versa. DiMaggio had been friends with the family for 16 years, Anderson says, and had been spending a lot of time with Christina and the children while Brett was away for three months on work in Tennessee.

Anderson's message to DiMaggio is simple: "the damage has been done. Whatever you set out to do, the damage has been done. Try to get your mind together and let go of my daughter, let her come home to me."

Reports have also surfaced that a friend of Hannah's told authorities that just days before the horrifying crimes, DiMaggio had told her he "had a crush on her." Anderson says he doesn't know what to believe, and while he can't see that being true, "anything is a possibility" in light of what's happened.

Anderson remains hopeful for his daughter's return, but says he's taking everything "minute by minute."

"I have my points where I'm able to function, and then I have points where I'm not able to function. ... I have a lot of support, and we're just working through things on a daily basis and hoping for my daughter's return," he told Gretchen.