With week number one under her belt, Elisabeth Hasselbeck proved that she's not only a welcome addition to the Fox and Friends crew but that she can more than hold her own in a race involving plastic human bubbles. We have proof.

Insider took a look back at some of the highlights that we found utterly GIF-able, and then, y'know, GIF'd 'em!

Check out Elisabeth's animated first week:

Elisabeth gets a "fur"-ocious makeover from Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson [FULL VIDEO]:

Duck Dynasty Star Welcomes Elisabeth Hasselbeck 'To the Family'

Former co-host, 'The View's' Sherri Shepherd, surprises Elisabeth on her first day ... then gets a surprise of her own! [FULL VIDEO]

Sherri Shepherd Surprises Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Fox and Friends

A little joust would never hurt anyone ... right? Ask Brian. [FULL VIDEO]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Brian Kilmeade Joust During Fox and Friends

That time when the "human bubble" race resulted in a Kilmeade conspiracy theory... [FULL VIDEO]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Races Brian Kilmeade in Human Bubble Challenge

Elisabeth got a mouthful of, well, something during a Duck Dynasty taste test. [FULL VIDEO]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tastes Jam With Fox and Friends Co-Hosts, Duck Dynasty Stars

Elisabeth loves gluten-free savories, sweets and everything in between. You know what she's talkin' about? [FULL VIDEO]

In the last day of challenges, Elisabeth proved she's one "tough mudder." Not that we had any doubts. [FULL VIDEO]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Brian Kilmeade Race Through Mud in Fox and Friends Challenge