NSA leaker Edward Snowden is speaking out from the Moscow airport, where he's been holed up for weeks, saying that he has the blueprints to the U.S. intelligence system. Russian President Vladimir Putin also made a statement, saying that the Snowden "situation" remains unresolved, but that he hopes the former NSA employee will leave the country once he gets the chance.

Former CIA operative Mike Baker lent his own experience to the issue in an interview with Stuart Varney on Monday's Your World, saying that when it comes to "blueprints," it would be inappropriate for him to go into the detail of what those would entail. However, such knowledge would include things like the agency's agenda, specifications on what it's capable of doing, and the like.

"[It] wouldn't take too much to cause damage to our national security," he said. Baker added that it would be safe to assume that all of the information Snowden is "carrying around with him" has already been compromised by the Russians and Chinese.