A new documentary is raising questions about the purported cause of the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800, after six whistleblowers involved in the original investigation went on camera to say they don't believe the incident was caused by an electric short circuit.

Dr. Michael Baden is a forensic pathologist and Fox News contributor who also served as chief medical examiner for the flight investigation, appointed by then-Gov. George Pataki. Baden maintains that although he and his team combed the bodies for even the smallest "thumbnail piece of evidence", there was nothing recovered that would substantiate claims of an external missile explosion.

"We found there was absolutely no evidence that any of the bodies had any kind of fragments or shrapnel that would normally be recovered by a bomb explosion in the airplane, nor any kind of chemical explosive materials that could support a missile of any kind," he told Megyn Kelly on America Live.

When asked if those in charge were open-minded to the possibility of such a hit, he responded in the affirmative.

"We were told this was a criminal act, that there was some kind of an explosion or a missile that was caused by criminal act ... that's what they assumed it was," he said, later adding, "Nobody tried to tell us what to do."