A new film poses the question: What if America didn’t exist?

The trailer for “America” made its television debut tonight on “The Kelly File.” Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and producer Gerald Molen joined Megyn to discuss the film.

D’Souza, who immigrated to the United States, says he “chose America because it’s a place where I can be the architect of my own life.” He said the film is about what makes America lovely.

Molen calls the film a love story about America.

“Today we have kids who can’t find America on a map,” Molen said. “We have kids who probably can’t even spell America, and I think that we have, you know, left them out, we have done them a great disservice by not [… ] showing our patriotism a little more.”

D’Souza was recently indicted for allegedly making illegal campaign finance donations, a move that some critics say was in response to “2016: Obama’s America,” a film that was critical of the president.

Watch the full interview above.

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