The United States Capitol was placed on lockdown after reports circulated that shots were fired outside of the building located in the heart of Washington, D.C. 

A "shelter in place" order was given for those within the Capitol. According to the Associated Press, preliminary reports suggest several people were injured in the incident, occurring at 2nd Avenue and Constitution Street.

Sources say the shooting may have been the result of a car chase in the vicinity.

Tune in to Fox News Channel for live coverage as information continues to stream in.

UPDATE, 4:25p ETAlhurra Television has obtained video of the driver involved in the Capitol Hill shooting being pursued by police.

It has been confirmed that the female suspect is dead, and police believe a child may have been in the car with her.

The suspect is said to have rammed a police barricade near the Capitol after first trying to ram the southeastern gate of the White House.

UPDATE, 4:22p ET: Fox News has confirmed that the suspect in the Capitol Hill shooting is dead.

UPDATE, 3:38p ETAn officer just answered questions from the press, stressing that police believe that the shooting outside Capitol Hill was an isolated incident.

The officer confirmed that a fellow officer had been injured in his vehicle, but that he appears to be conscious and breathing. As far as police know, no officers have been shot.

They believe that there was a child in the suspect’s car, but are still investigating.

The officer was unable to provide any detail on the condition of the suspect.

UPDATE, 3:15p ET: Bret Baier reports that according to sources at least one civilian was hit by gunfire. According to his sources, the female suspect is said to be in custody.

UPDATE, 3:12p ET: Mike Emanuel reports that Capitol Hill sources say the suspect was a woman with a child in the car. She rammed a police barricade near the Capitol and injured a police officer in a cruiser after first trying to ram a barricade by the White House. The officer was airlifted by a helicopter and is receiving treatment. The woman may have been shot and the baby is said to be okay. 

UPDATE, 3:05p ET: Fox confirms a vehicle tried to ram a barricade at 15th street near the Treasury (near the White House). After the incident, a police car chase ensued, ending at Capitol Hill. 

UPDATE, 2:58p ET: According to sources inside the Capitol, the shelter in place order has been canceled. Capitol Hill police are set to speak shortly.

UPDATE, 2:54p ET: We're getting the following image from the scene of one of the injured.

UPDATE, 2:51p ET: Fox News' Mike Emanuel just reported that Senate staffers received the following message following the shooting:

"There have been shots fired reported. There is no indication that there is a threat in the building. Stay in your offices with your doors locked."

UPDATE, 2:43p ET: Carl Cameron spoke to an eyewitness on Constitution Avenue, as well as two senior Congressional staffers, who said that a car was being chased by several police vehicles east on Constitution Avenue. The car sped by two or three of the office buildings on the Senate side of the Capitol and was essentially pushed to the side of the road and possibly up onto some green space against one of the Senate office buildings by about 6 police cars. Eyewitnesses report hearing 5 or 6 shots. A man got out of the car and fled on foot.

After the driver left the vehicle, police officers took a baby between the ages of one and three from the car.  

The message below has been sent to Capitol Hill staffers:

SHELTER IN PLACE.  Gunshots have been reported on Capitol Hill requiring all occupants in all House Office Buildings to shelter in place.  Close, lock and stay away from external doors and windows.  Take annunciators, Go Kits and escape hoods; and move to the innermost part of the office away from external doors or windows.  If you are not in your office, take shelter in the nearest office, check in with your OEC and wait for USCP to clear the incident.  No one will be permitted to enter or exit the building until directed by USCP. All staff should monitor the situation. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

Similarly, the Senate TVs are instructing all staff to remain in place.