A video went viral recently of 7-year-old Jack Hoffman scoring a touchdown during an emotional moment in a Nebraska Huskers spring football game. The young fan is fighting brain cancer and has developed a special relationship with members of the Nebraska team, who have been helping him through the difficult journey. Now, Jack's dad Andy Hoffman tells his son's story, and what he hopes will come of the viral video.

"That was really an unbelievable day," Andy said of the moment. But the backstory on Jack, he told Fox News, involves a story about a little boy who's undergone numerous surgeries and been enduring chemotherapy for two years. Thankfully, he only has two months left of the treatment.

"It's been a long road," Andy said. "We thank god every day that he's still with us and able to do some of the things that he's able to do, but we still have a marathon in front of us."

He added that all of the attention the moving moment garnered has been "fun" and much-needed, but "what we hope is that what we can do is ... get the country talking about [pediatric brain cancer]."

While Jack's currently seizure-free and his tumor is shrinking, Andy said his son is "in a very small fraction of fortunate children." Many children experience a bad reaction or rejection to the drugs "because they're so toxic."

"He's blessed, for a kid with cancer," said Andy.

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