Craig Morgan's tunes may already pull on your heart strings, but this next story will solidify the fact that he's in your heart to stay. The country star used his Army experience, as well as some EMT training, to assist in the rescue after three trucks collided in a fiery crash just ahead of his tour bus.

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Morgan was on his way back to Tennessee following a show in Texas when he says he and his crew stalled on the highway, only to realize the chaos taking place ahead of them on the road. 

On Tuesday's Fox and Friends, Morgan recounted how he and some of his pals jumped into action.

"I jumped off of the bus and grabbed a couple of my guys ... who are a lot like me ... and asked them to come with me and see if there was anything we could do."

There was, it turns out, and Morgan expressed gratitude for other strangers who showed up to do what they could, including a doctor who "just showed up," got out of his car and ran to the scene.

Morgan humbly said that he just did what anybody would, or should, do given a similar situation.

"Any time there's a situation like this ... it's important that we utilize those skills that we've been educated with to help others."

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